Sunday, September 16, 2007

Money Matters

As a graduate student, my typical financial state is "ahh how am I going to pay for groceries...I'll figure it out after I order another beer."

In other words, priorities are a bit mixed up and money is tight. When I moved out here I had $1000 saved up which I took to Ikea and used to furnish an apartment. Now that I've decided to seriously address the apartment, I spent the summer saving and reevaluating said priorities, and the result is I have enough to buy some nicer furniture- sofa, ottoman as coffee table, and at least one end table are the priorities, and paint the larger room (the bedroom and bathroom will have to wait). So it will be a mix of store bought furniture and thrift stores. As long as I'm careful, I think I'll be able to make a significant change. I'm excited!

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