Saturday, September 15, 2007

11 moves in 7 years

I’m a nester, and when the nomadism began I was careful to unpack and immediately sew some throw pillows, put out some framed photos, or in some way claim the space. But this last big move, from New York to Phoenix, left me a bit lost.

In the first Phoenix apartment I lived in, I never hung any of my clothes in the closet- I simply lived out of a suitcase. Which I’ve done before, but never for 9 months. One room was just full of empty boxes and my books were the only things that were actually unpacked. I’m now 5 months into apartment number two (although I sublet it during the summer so I’ve only actually lived here for two months), and there are still 7 unpacked boxes, plus half a dozen that are open and have things haphazardly thrown in due to a lack of organized storage space.

But a few months ago I found Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book, Apartment Therapy, and the blog. And for the past few months slowly but surely I’ve been inspired to actually do something about this situation. The blog community has been such a fabulous resource, and I’m hoping with this social support I’ll finally be able to create a new home in the desert.

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