Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Floor Plan Thoughts

Here's my first attempt at a layout, but it's actually no different from what I currently have. Just with different furniture. I'm not sure how well it "flows," but since I have so many doorways/openings, there aren't many other ways I can think of to arrange it, except to turn the sofa to face the sliding glass doors..but then that creates a hallway and the sofa I like is too big for that anyway...

From above: 1 and 2 are the plain Ikea pieces I already have facing the sofa on angles; 3 is the large bookcase I already have; 4 is the sofa I want (curvy one from Pennys); 5 are the accent tables from Crate and Barrel that I like more every day (although I have been keeping my eyes open during thrift store trips for alternatives); 6 is the type of leather bench I want to replace the coffee table; and the question marks are the hypothetical cabinets/shelves/somethings that will have room for a printer, two file cabinet drawers, display space for my collection of Oaxacan pottery (small), and ideally a few books I'm using that semester. This might be difficult but something like a vertical file cabinet with a shelf on top could work perfectly- I just can't find one I like.

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