Monday, September 17, 2007

What I Want (in this room)

Currently, I sit on the couch and eat, watch TV or work. Which is bad for my back, wrists (laptop on my lap- oops), and my brain, since the TV is slowly melting it. So, I canceled most of the cable (still trying to decide how much I need Comedy Central and FX).

What I'd like is space to work (at a table with proper support), a more comfortable couch to watch limited amounts of TV, (I may be short, but the loveseat is too small even for me), and someplace to eat. But, I value the place to work more than the place to eat, which is why I'm leaning towards making the dining room table a home office that is flexible enough to convert when there's company or it's too cold to eat outside- that's the next part, putting a table outside to eat. Also, I want the living room area to be friendlier for guests.

In conclusion: I have a dining room, living room, kitchen; and I want office, dining room, living room, kitchen.


drwende said...

Your dissertation adviser probably would approve the plan of putting work space over eating space.

But you must do the patio table. The whole point of enduring our summers is so that we can gloat about eating outdoors in December.

tamar in the desert said...

This is true!