Sunday, September 16, 2007

List of Repairs

Mostly little things I've been ignoring:

1. loose toilet handle (going to ask a friend who says she is a plumbing genius to come over and look at it)

2. replace lightbulb next to shower (need to get a step ladder to reach and figure out what type of bulb I even need)

3. fix screen door roller and then hang them up (need to go to hardware store to get replacement roller)

4. use new anchor things to hang up bedroom curtains and fix the collapsed curtain rod in dining area (I have to go back to hardware store because I forget how to use them)

5. one electrical socket not working (although the one attached to it is...which is weird, right? This one I think I'll ask the super about, although since they're doing major renovations, it's sort of like getting in touch with the Pope)

6. connect the VCR player to the TV (My TV is so ancient, it seemed too difficult, although maybe if I spend more than 5 minutes on it I'll figure it out)

7. glue (or somehow attach) the piece of weather stripping on the outside of the front door that is flapping wildly

8. attach a deadbolt to the front door (and possibly figure out some lock type deal for the sliding glass doors, because even though my balcony is on the second floor and inaccesible, there is a tree and I am paranoid.

9. the door on the hall closet sticks, I guess I should take it down a rehang it. Or, I've been thinking about taking it down and just hanging up a curtain.

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